Privacy Policy

Your decision to share information, including personal details, with us is entirely voluntary, and you have the flexibility to modify your preferences at any time, as outlined in our User Agreement. It's important to note that these changes won't affect previously shared information. Once you become a member of the website, you have the ability to access, modify, correct, or delete your data.

While we may retain records of phone calls for purposes such as inquiries and orders, we do not govern the content of external websites you may encounter through our services.

Your privacy is a top priority for us. We commit not to disclose your IP address and personal information without your consent, except when required by law. However, we may share generalized information with advertisers and partners to support our business.


When using credit/debit cards on our website, ensure that the information is accurate and legally yours. We do not have visibility into this information, and we bear no responsibility for any card fraud. In the event of fraud, you are accountable and may need to demonstrate that the activity was not initiated by you.

We reserve the right to recover costs from individuals engaging in fraudulent activities on the website, and legal action may be pursued if necessary.


By using the website or contacting us via email, you consent to electronic communication. This encompasses emails or notifications on the website, acknowledging that these satisfy legal requirements for written communication.

If you provide your phone number, anticipate receiving calls regarding your order or other website-related matters.


Comments shared on the website become our property, and we have the liberty to utilize them as we see fit, without providing compensation. We retain the right to monitor and remove comments that violate our rules, and you are responsible for the content of your comments. We disclaim liability for comments made by you or others.


The website is provided on an "as-is" basis, and while we strive for accuracy and reliability, we acknowledge that perfection is unattainable. We disclaim responsibility for errors or technical issues. Our liability is restricted, and we are not accountable for indirect damages.

We do not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information on the website, and we disclaim liability for interruptions or errors.


In the event that certain provisions of our agreement are deemed invalid, they will be replaced. This agreement constitutes the entire understanding between you and us, and any prior discussions hold no weight unless explicitly stated otherwise. Our failure to act on a breach does not preclude us from taking action in the future.